Best Men Rings Reviews 2017 and How to Make a Good Choice

Mens rings are more than just a wedding symbol or engagement tool. Indeed, if you understand the rich history of rings, you’ll appreciate the fact that rings are an undisputable way of communicating our wealth, status, association and even commitment. They can send a message that you belong to a certain class in society or that you’re part of a certain ideology. If you’re a married man, a band proves that you are taken or engaged. A ring won on the left finger (fourth finger) is an indication that someone is married while one on the fourth right finger indicates engagement.

Whether won for symbolism, fashion or beliefs, a simple ring can communicate paragraphs and paragraphs of who you are and what you believe in. For instance, it is not uncommon to come across those who wear expensive gold or diamond rings on all fingers. Whether you are the flashy type or you’re simply looking to make a statement, there is certainly a ring you can don on your hand. Just as there are many reasons for wearing rings, you will find quite a few types of wedding rings out there. Let’s take a look at different options available alongside some best picks.

Types of mans rings

In order to choose the right men rings, the first thing you need to consider is the array of features on offer. You might want to consider going for a barely-there ring if your work involves your hands a lot e.g. if you work as mechanic. On the other hand, you might prefer a gold band with a heft to convey your signature. Generally, metallic rings offer just the ideal package from silver-tined metal that offers a traditional twist to platinum with its gleam and masculinity, the kind of metal you go for can affect the weightiness of your ring .

When it comes to color, there are two popular options for men and those are: yellow and silver. However, that does not limit you from accessing more hues ranging from white, cobalt to black and rose. Yellow rings are renowned for their unique ability to bring warmth while silver tone is reputed for being cool and masculine. Note that there are different variants of silver toned rings varying from platinum-white undertones to tungsten-natural grey. As you know, a man’s lifestyle is full of hands-on activities. You might want to consider the kind of abuse your ring can withstand once you start wearing it. Soft metals may not march rock-hard tungsten when toughness is required. On the flipside though, tungsten lacks that flashy appeal to the eye, which seems to be a preserve for softer metals.

Metal rings

Metals play an important role in creation of contemporary men rings by affecting cost, durability and appearance. With such impact, it is imperative to first understand how metals relate to jewelry. For starters, metal are as old as human-kind. Their history spans back to as early as 6000 BC, with immense evidence of ore usage in ancient Roman, Mesapotamia and Greek cultures. So diverse is the history of metals that the source of the term remains unknown to-date. Over time, ring making has continued to evolve as metals are discovered. To break this down for you let us look at different types of metals and what role they play in ring making.

The first category of metals pits ferrous against non-ferrous metal. Any ring that contains any form of iron is categorized as ferrous. It is not common to come across men rings made of ferrous metal except for steel ones. The other category i.e. non-ferrous is the most popular especially because it’s not prone to rusting or other weaknesses associated with ferrous nature. Another way to look at metal rings is through base versus noble metals angle. Base metals are pretty commonplace and as such they are pretty affordable. On the flipside, though, they tend to oxidize over time. Noble metals on the other hand are pretty rare and tend to possess a high surface luster. Understandably, most high-end men rings are made using noble metals. Another categorization of metal rings comes in the form of precious vs. non-precious metal. Precious metals are rare and have a high market value. Non-precious metals on the other hand are readily available and cheaper, even though some of them still possess a high luster..

Gold rings

There’s a thin line between pure golden rings and replicas. Pure gold is 24 karat gold, which unfortunately is too soft to be molded into rings – it wouldn’t hold up to the abuse of every day wear. In fact, it would be dented before you even known it. Therefore, even the purest of all golden rings must comprise a significant proportion of other metals in order to make it durable. The most popular caliber of Gold you will find in men rings is 58.3 percent pure (also known as 14 karat gold). Yellow gold has 10 parts made up of silver and copper in equal measure – essentially creating a durable and beautiful metal for preparing fine jewelry. There are some jewelry makers that take the gold purity game to a whole new level by creating men rings of 18 karats. In other words, that’s 75 percent pure gold with a bit of silver and copper in equal measures.

What you should know is that the higher the concentration of gold content in your ring, the richer its color is supposed to be. Conversely, cheaper gold rings are made with 10 karat gold – by lowering the gold content and therefore the cost. And you guessed it, it’s 41 percent pure gold with a bit more of copper and silver. Ever heard of white gold? Yes, white gold is still gold in 10 karats, 14 karats and 18 karats only that some other parts of it are made of nickel. Nickel is a hard metal and it effectively gives white gold their characteristic color – a silvery color. Whenever you decide to invest in white gold it is even more important to confirm that it is rhodium plated. Rhodium is an expensive and extremely rare metal that is exclusively used to give your ring a bright shiny appearance.

Gold Plated Rings

Golden plated men rings can be a fantastic choice to go for especially if you are working on a tight budget. But what is gold plating? You might want to ask. Well, as a process, gold plating is a process that uses chemicals and electricity to deposit an extremely thin layer of gold on another metal surface. You will find that this practice is commonly done on copper or silver. The goal is to give your ring the same wealth and aesthetic value of pure gold but on a more affordable piece of metal. This explains why gold-plated rings cost less than ones molded out of over 10 carats of the precious metal. One thing that makes gold-plated rings a safe bet is that first you get to reap benefits such as a long-lasting shine. However, this coating tends to break down with age.

The constant breakdown of the coated metal can slowly impact the thin gold layer causing your ring to degenerate over time. Some manufacturers having discovered this flaw have gone the way of applying many different layers of gold in order to keep the surface intact for the longest duration of time possible. And even then, it’s value remain as a fraction of what pure gold fetches. As you may already be aware, the quality of the base metal is what affects the durability of the gold coating. Base metals such as brass, stainless steel and sterling silver are known to provide a longer-lasting shine unlike copper for instance. It is best to buy a plated ring if you don’t intend to wear it every day. If, for example, you need a ring that you’ll only wear once in a while, you might as well go with gold-plated. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to wear all the time, it may be a good idea picking something more solid.

Sterling Silver Men Rings

Sterling silver as the name suggest is a high quality silver alloy comprising 92.5 per cent of fine silver and 7.5 percent copper. One fact about 100 per cent pure silver is that it is too soft to produce any usable objects. That’s why it is combined with a bit of copper to achieve more ductility and still retain the features of a precious metal. For starters, wearing sterling silver men rings has been found to harbor significant health benefits. There is documented evidence of silver acting as a strong microbial agent for fighting infections and even healing wounds. Another often lauded benefit of silver is that it improves energy levels and offsets external electrical disturbances in your body. But that’s not all, sterling silver’s value is quite consistently high, sometimes exceeding that of gold. Beyond the commodity markets, investing in a signed silversmith piece is no doubt a great way to enhance your sense of class.

Your sterling silver ring will be safe and durable for long-term use. This is due to the fact that silver does not react with other metals, liquids or air which means you only get to stay with the original version of it for a very long time. Apart from that, the conspicuously shiny nature of this metal is associated with flamboyance a feat that makes it an ideal choice for couples and general fashion lovers alike. Unless you are allergic to silver, there are clearly quite a few reasons why your next ring should be made out of this precious metal.

Men's Platinum Rings

Platinum is the next most popular metal used to make engagement and wedding rings after gold. Being naturally white in color, platinum rings are known to outlive rhodium plated white gold ones. It is important to know that platinum is such a rare metal since 10 tons of ore are used to extract one ounce of it. Yet, the overall quantity of platinum available worldwide can fit into a swimming pool. That scarcity means platinum is a highly coveted resource – and therefore a fitting tribute to your social status. One of the reasons behind this metal’s dominance is the fact that it is categorized as 95% hypoallergenic. It therefore provides a suitable replacement for those who have metal sensitivities and allergies. At the same time, a typical platinum ring weighs at least 60 percent more than a 14 karat gold. Many fashion conscious people find this extra weight to be a luxurious and perfect match. Others think that the lightness of gold makes it comfortable. It’s really up to you to decide.

Compared to gold, platinum is stronger and more durable. As such, the prongs used to hold a center stone in a platinum ring is less likely to break than ones used in a gold engagement ring. Interestingly, despite being durable and strong, gold is much softer than 14 karat gold. That means you may have to worry a little more about getting this kind of ring scratched. Therefore, if you are looking for men rings and your daily schedule involves hands-on activities then you might want to keep that fact in mind. That being said, the authenticity of platinum has never been put to doubt since ancient Egyptian times. Considered by some as unripe gold, platinum’s popularity has grown gradually rivaling for the top position with gold and silver. In fact, the Duchess of Windsor once declared platinum jewelry as the perfect bet for black tie affairs with gold being recommended for daytime jewelry.

Titanium rings for men

Since its discovery in 1791, Titanium has dominated the headlines as a lustruous, lightweight grey metal that provides amazing strength and high durability. You will certainly be excited to learn that your titanium ring is a strong as steel but 45% lighter. Or that it twice as strong as aluminum yet more classy. For this reason, getting you men rings made out of this metal offers you a decent combination of durability and class. Well known for its ability to withstand corrosion and its resistance to chlorine, titanium makes just the perfect kind of rings for everyday wear. And to make the deal even sweeter, technology has made it possible to create a broad range of titanium rings including some with gemstones and sparkling diamonds. On the flipside, though, this is not the perfect kind of metal for creating prongs for your engagement ring (it’s not malleable enough). Another downside of titanium is that it is much harder to cut and resize because of its strong bonds.

Toughness and masculinity are not the only thing that makes this kind of metal an instant darling to most jewelry lovers. Titanium can be polished to create different kinds of finishes. You can find traditional titanium polish and also the brushed and satin finishes. To be frank, none of these finishes is more attractive than another. Yet another reason to love titanium is that it can be individualized to create a specific and unique style just for you. In fact, depending on a couple of factors, the colors of your ring may vary from black, purple, red to pink. But perhaps the main reason to love titanium men rings is the fact that they are biocompatible. If you suffer metal allergy when you wear silver, gold or titanium metal, you may want to give this biocompatible metal which is known for its natural ability to maintain the body’s balance. But despite all these superior features, it is recommended to clean your titanium jewelry frequently and to avoid scratching the surface to ensure longevity.

Stainless Steel Rings

The popularity of stainless steel spans hospitals and civil engineering environment, but did you know that rings made out of this metal are highly sought-after? Besides being strong and resilient, steel can be polished to bring out an attractive muted grey color with shiny matter. By creating a modest silvery color, jewelry experts are able to create incredible designs that perfectly suit the needs of the beauty and personal grooming market. It is therefore not a surprise to see that steel actually dominates the urban-themed fashion across the world. There are quite a few things you need to know about this modest metal – first and foremost, it is made up of at least 10 percent chromium. This chromium element is what makes your still ring completely resistant to corrosion. Want your ring to endure heavy wear, longer? Going for a unit made from carbon steel and soft base metals can be a game-changer.

In case you are worried about metal allergies, then the fact that some steel rings come unplated meaning you don’t have to worry for your skin. Unplated steel is generally considered hypoallergenic and it’s no wonder the 316L stainless steel type is used for newly pierced ears. So how do you tell whether you are the right candidate of steel jewelry or not? Well, if you know you are rough on your jewelry, then this type of metal might just be what you need. In short, stainless steel men rings are suitable for men who do most of their jobs using their hands. It makes a great long-term investment because it does not scratch or dull easily. Moreover, polished steel surfaces tend to resemble silver – and therefore, if you are looking for cheaper alternatives to sterling silver men rings, this might just be the kind of option you need to think about. You get a masculine look at a fraction of the price you would have to spend on other noble metals.

Brass rings Men

Brass may not be as popular as silver or gold, but it is increasingly taking over the space especially as far men rings are concerned. To give you the hang of it, brass is a metallic alloy that’s made of a combination of zinc and copper. It’s durability makes it a perfect choice for making clocks and sculpture that survive for thousands of years. Much as brass is not a noble metal, it is chosen by jewelers because of its gold-like features and affordable price tag. On the flipside, though, this metal may not be a good choice if you are looking for some measure of flashiness and class. Nonetheless, this metal gives up gorgeous colors and patterns when passed through a torch flame. It is rather a manly thing that comes out perfectly especially when combined with a bit of leather. And just like wine, your brass ring can only get better with age.

The beauty about brass is that its weight and heft add durability meaning your jewelry is almost guaranteed to last for several millenniums to come. In other words, you can count on the long-life of brass to make lifelong commitments. So popular is brass that replicas of it have been produced. Fortunately, you can always tell if your metal is legitimate or not by checking whether the spectrum on your ring falls in between a bright yellow or dull yellow range that almost resembles vintage gold. Anything that looks closer to copper or bronze is likely not made of brass. If you are buying your ring from a brick-and-mortar store then you might want to use a magnet to check. Authentic brass does not get attracted to magnet unlike other cheaper, iron-based jewelries.

Palladium rings 

Have you heard of the newest precious metal in town? Palladium it is. This is a close relative of platinum though it is less dense and therefore more affordable. Since it weighs only a fraction of its sibling’s weight, you can wear it without feeling like a heavy metal is pulling you down. And just like pure platinum, palladium comprises 95% purity which means despite it being light on your wallet it is quite heavy on the amount of precious metal it offers you. Unlike sterling silver, Palladium does not have a reputation of tarnishing. And unlike 14 carat gold, this metal does not required to be rhodium plated to maintain a shiny appeal. And what’s more? If you suffer from metal allergy, you have just discovered your newest friend because palladium is hypoallergenic and therefore less likely to affect you.

Besides that, there are quite a few reasons why palladium men rings are everyone’s favorite. With palladium, unlike its heavier sister the platinum, you can set diamonds, rubies and even emeralds without worrying about weight. Cleaning and maintaining palladium is also pretty straightforward yet it is 40% cheaper than platinum and 50% cheaper than gold. That’s a couple more dollars in saving on each ring.

Tungsten Rings

Tungsten is among the few exotic metals known to offer a sort-of permanent finish that stands the test of time. If you have ever used a gold ring, you probably might have noticed that the pattern(s) on it tends to disappear over time. Things are quite different when it comes to Tungsten though. Any pattern engraved or crafted into it lasts for decades and decades. There’s also something about this metal’s ability to retain a beautiful and stylish finish even after years of use in all kinds of situation. The enduring nature of tungsten is what makes it a perfect bet when you want to speak of security, everlasting bonds and commitment. Talking about durability and security, you might wonder how tungsten fares against titanium. Well, unlike titanium, this exotic metal has a high gloss mirror-like finish. Besides that, men rings made from tungsten are 4 times harder than titanium ones. Considering engraving something onto your ring? Tungsten is certainly your best bet thanks to the fact that it offers a fantastic surface for custom engraving especially through laser etching technology.

As a rule of the thumb, if you are looking for the most wear-resistant rings on earth, tungsten certainly offer you the best deal. Thought steel was the hardest metal on earth? Well, tungsten is 5 times harder than steel and 10 times tougher than 18K gold. But of course, diamond remains the hardest with its 10 Mohs hardness as compared to Tungsten’s 9 Mohs.

Cobalt rings for men

Cobalt rings are super hard, virtually scratchproof and absolutely stunning. Rivaling some of the most popular metals, these are designed to cover the gap where softer metals fail. Even then, they are built with care and designed with the modern man in mind. Whatever activities your day job brings, you can feel confident wearing them, knowing that it will not easily scratch, bend or damage. It’s indeed a first choice for many who seek a sleek and sophisticated style without the pressure to spend beyond one’s means. Price tag notwithstanding, you can count on tungsten to create a distinct masculine appeal that’s just perfect and functional for everyday wear.

The main reason why you should insist on getting cobalt men rings is that this metal takes a very chrome-like luster when polished. Moreover, cobalt is quite malleable if taken through the right caliber of craftsmanship especially because it can be adjusted to create a wide array of styles and unlimited potential. But is it safe to wear cobalt? You might want to ask. Well cobalt is bio-compatible and hypoallergenic which makes it safe for use even on joint and dental implants. A combination of tungsten and cobalt can however be a cause of concern especially if you have sensitive skin. Other than that, this metal makes for a perfect option to white gold rings, which are quite pricy and less durable.

How a Man Should Buy a Ring

If you have never purchased a ring (or jewelry before), chances are that your first day of shopping might be daunting. In fact, chances are that it will take you several attempts in order to find something that suits you. That’s fine – provided you are willing to take your time to get nothing but the best. Here are a few tips to help you find cool rings for men.

Tip 1: Know what you want

Different people have different tastes and expectations. As such, it is important you assess yourself in order to know exactly what you need. Looking to create a rich and chunky style? A big, fancy ring might be what you need. Looking to dazzle the people around with your sense of quality? Gold rings for men might be your best bet. Thinking of buying a ring that will stand the test of time? Why not give tungsten rings a try?

Tip 2: Know Your Size

The most important factor to consider when looking for rings for men is the size of the finger you want it fitted on. If shopping online you can take your finger measurements and cross-check that with different rings on display. Alternatively, if shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, you can always walk in and have your measurements taken. While at it, it is important to remember that wider rings are generally considered “manly”.

Tip 3: Finding the Right Ring Material

Your idea of mens diamond rings may be different from my idea of men gold rings. Likewise, your love for titanium rings may not rival my adoration for mens silver rings. That’s life - we all have different tastes and preferences. Whichever way you look at it, Gold remains the most popular metal all thanks to its rich history and ability to adopt different shades. Silver stands out when it comes to brightness while platinum dominates the weight vs. price ratio. Stainless steel offers the best deal price-wise and tungsten tops the rungs of durability. In other words, each material has its pros and cons. It is upon you to decide which one to settle for based on your personal preferences.

Tip 4: Name Your Price

Last but definitely not least is the price factor. The question you need to ask yourself is “How much I’m willing to compromise on my budget?” If your budget allows it, then you can always go for one of the noble metals. If your budget is limited, you can always settle for a modest ring that boasts great artisanship.

How do you go about choosing your men rings? Which is your favorite metal: gold, silver, titanium, steel or what? Irrespective of your answer to these two questions, one thing remains true – finding the right ring can significantly transform your personal life, sense of style and even level of commitment.