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The Truth Behind Ring and Finger Symbolism – Everything You Need To Know

  • April 28, 2017 /

Rings are not just worn for the sake of it. In fact, each finger on your hand carries a specific meaning. While the middle finger represents individuality, the fourth finger (popularly known as the ring finger) conveys a message of affection. Sounds too complicated? Well, figuring out the ring & finger symbolism does not require rocket science. We have broken down every detail for you in the next few paragraphs.

The Thumb

It is rare to see men rings being worn on the thumb, but when you come across such it’s worth noting that there’s a rich history behind it all. In most cultures, people wear a thumb ring to symbolize wealth and influence. Rings worn on this finger tend to be broad and bulky (features necessary to provide a comfortable fit, of course). In another scenario, thumb rings are a natural choice if you are planning to wear multiple rings on one hand. This is mainly due to the fact that the thumb is naturally distanced from other fingers. If you already have another ring on your middle finger, you may want to wear another one on the thumb – this way you create visually appealing outlay without getting your hand too crowded.

The best kind of mens ring to wear on this finger is the big, chunky type. Generally, the thumb is associated with crucial qualities such as character, identity and self-assuredness.

Index Finger

Proceeding with the rings & finger symbolism, the history of index finger bands dates back hundreds of years. In some parts of Europe, wearing a ring on this finger was enough to send out a message that one belonged to certain family status. All along, the index finger has been a fantastic place for fraternal rings, class rings as well as membership crests. Because of the natural role of this finger (pointing and gesturing), you can wear a ring on it to create an emphatic appeal. Although it is not as dramatically isolated as the thumb, the index finger enjoys significant prominence that makes anything worn on it instantly recognizable.

Generally, gentlemen who wear a ring on this finger are seen as confident, unapologetic and sure of themselves. Metals of a bright tone such as silver are a fantastic choice for this finger.

The Middle Finger

While it is the most dominant of the five fingers, the middle finger is surprisingly not commonly associated with rings. That is in part due to the fact that the index finger (where engagement and wedding rings are found) is adjacent to it. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t explore with this finger. You only need to keep your band simple and light so it doesn’t cause a hindrance.

That notwithstanding, the middle finger is usually the most comfortable one to wear a ring on. Why? Because it is sturdy, central and above all manly. It’s a perfect place to put your platinum rings.

It’s exclusive location, right in the middle, symbolizes conscience, balance, order and structure. Besides platinum, steel rings or gray metal rings are an excellent choice for this finger.

The Ring Finger

As the name suggests, this is the finger where we commonly put wedding and engagement rings. Some theories even suggest that this finger has a vein that is directly connected to the heart. But whether that is true or false, a band on the left fourth finger speaks volumes.

One thing that stands out about rings worn on this finger is that they are simple. It is very rare to come across people wearing rings with extensive artistic features.

Symbolic, this finger is commonly associated with the sun. The sun is in itself associated with beauty, romance and creativity – great qualities in courtship and long-term relationships. Along with cultural norms, the sun is commonly associated with gold. As such, golden rings are quite popularly worn on this finger.

The Little Finger

This is the perfect spot for wearing a statement ring. The little finger has a number of advantages. First, it is often associated with strong cultural and religious ties and unlike the ring finger it can be used for family crests. On a flipside, though, wearing a ring on the pinky finger has a Hollywood connection where it is mainly associated with the existence of organized crime.

But that notwithstanding, there is no substantial evidence to prove that having this style proves you are Mafioso. Yet another advantage of wearing a ring on your little finger is that, thanks to its natural position in the hand, it does not touch or interfere with your day to day work. So you can wear your ring comfortable not worrying that the ring will easily get damaged – unlike with the middle finger.

Adorning a band on your little fingers isolates it from your body, making it more of an eye-catching statement. In fact, this finger offers just the perfect platform for showing off your flashiest ring designs. This is the perfect platform to showcase your best jewelry or drive attention where it matters most.

Historically, this finger is often associated with discernment, persuasion and intelligence. Specifically, a ring worn on this finger is associated with excellent abilities to express oneself and intellect. When worn on one’s passive hand, it indicates great listening skills and a strong intuition.

Final Word

In addition to admiring your rings, people look at how you wear them and make inferences about your relationships, personality among other factors. These assumptions are based on cultural beliefs, history and sometimes myths. So before you put on a ring, it is helpful to fully understand what each finger communicates about you and your lifestyle.

There are some people who believe that finger choices (especially when it comes to rings) have mystical connotations. According to some cultures, fingers have specific metaphysical properties and that complimentary gemstones need to be worn.

That being said, choosing a finger for your mens rings is mainly a question of personal preferences. That way, you can make an informed decision about which finger you want to display your ring on without worrying too much about what the society would perceive of you.

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